NUJ President Chris Isiguzo Urges Journalists to Uphold Integrity and Excellence

NUJ President Chris Isiguzo Urges Journalists to Uphold Integrity and Excellence

The President of the Nigeria Union of Journalists (NUJ), Chris Isiguzo, has called on media practitioners nationwide to recommit to the guiding principles of journalism. Speaking on Wednesday at the Grand Finale of the 2023 Press Week of the Kogi Council of the NUJ in Lokoja, Isiguzo emphasized the need to honor the legacies of past journalists and shape Nigeria’s narrative with integrity, courage, and a dedication to excellence.

“Let us embrace the spirit of inquiry, the pursuit of truth, and the relentless quest for transparency and accountability,” he urged.

Isiguzo praised the leadership of the NUJ in Kogi State under Adeiza Momoh Jimoh for promoting excellence, fostering growth, and maintaining high standards of journalism. He highlighted Jimoh’s efforts in building a cohesive and vibrant union that advocates for journalists’ welfare and professional development.

“Alhaji Adeiza Momoh Jimoh’s tenure has been marked by an unwavering determination to foster a more cohesive and vibrant union, advocating for the welfare and professional development of journalists in Kogi State,” Isiguzo said. “His efforts to establish a culture of inclusivity, where the voices of all journalists are heard and valued, have resulted in a stronger and more united union.”

During the event, a book titled “Media Development in Kogi State, 1999-2023” was launched. Isiguzo lauded the book as a significant literary endeavor that captures the evolution of media in Kogi State over the past 24 years.

“The pages of this book are not mere narratives; they hold the collective wisdom, insights, and experiences of generations of journalists who have tirelessly pursued the truth, challenged societal norms, and strived for a more transparent and accountable society,” he noted.

Isiguzo underscored the immense responsibility journalists bear in an era where information spreads rapidly. He stressed the duty of journalists to report accurately, fairly, and fearlessly, highlighting the importance of their role in shaping public discourse, influencing policy, and fostering social change.

“The launch of the book ‘Media Development in Kogi State, 1999-2023’ is a testament to the tireless work of the Kogi State Council, under the leadership of Alhaji Adeiza Momoh Jimoh, to preserve our collective history, celebrate our achievements, and pave the way for a brighter future,” he said. “This book is a treasure trove of insights, a chronicle of the transformation of media in Kogi State, and a tribute to the journalists who have dedicated their lives to serving the public.”

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